A Fresh Start!

Its the first of a new month and I am back from about three month’s worth of depressing limbo. While I cannot post everyday, I will as often as I can. I’ve been dealing with a very sick little bunny who almost didn’t make it. My little Boo Bun had bladder sludge (which for non-bun folks, means there was a lot of calcium in his bladder and when a bunny tries to wee wee, it comes out thick and even chunky. Horrible, horrible thing for a little innocent bunny!) AND on top of the bladder sludge, he was suffering from GI Stasis. My ornery little rabbit had to be on meds, some forced, sometimes forced to eat and drink. But he is pulling through, rebounding, eating and drinking and making lots of little bunny poops. I was scared for while, and it does take a long while for a bunny to recover form these two life-threatening conditions, but he is recovering fine now.

So I decided that its just time for a fresh start. I deleted my own past posts and decided to renew the blog. Here’s to a fresh start, with a healthy bunny and a renewed outlook! :D

Little Boo

Mees is getting beddur!”

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