Prompt: Name Three Places That Make You Feel Whole

Okay, interesting. I cant afford to travel, so these places would have to be local. So local, that they are probably within my home, heh heh. But it would be true, and that’s the point of the prompt.

1. My Room. I read a quote online and I cant remember who said it or where I found it, but the words stuck with me: In your private space, you should see something that pleases your eye everywhere you look. So that’s my bedroom. Everywhere I look I see reflections of me, symbolically, that I approve of and make me feel good. A picture of family, a prism suncatcher in my window, a string of bunny-shaped pink lights decorating a mirror, my stack of journals.

2. The Living Room. Where my family and I hang out. We do what we want, but in the same room. We hang out, it feels good, and we laugh a lot. My bunny, Boo, flops on his blanket and eats his cilantro while my sister and I are on our laptops, doing our own thing. We watch TV and talk with friends. Its a feel-good room.

3.The local park. Its nice, small park, with hilly walks and trees full of squirrels. Its close to where I live, so that’s nice. There are swings (yeah, I swing, gotta problem with that? I’m 45 and I swing) and a pond with fishies and turtles and the occasional duck or Blue Heron (that F**ker is HUGE!), so there is always something to take a picture of!

My choices may not be impressive, but they are what they are. I feel at peace with them. I feel whole.

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Photo Prompt: Beloved

This is QUITE easy.


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Prompt: Creature

All you non-bunny folk can say “Its just a rabbit,” and “rabbits dont do nothing,” but nothing can be further from the truth! First of all, saying those things to a bunny lover will get you physically harmed, so just dont! Second of all, if you care for a domestic bunny the right way you can be rewarded in ways you never thought possible!

Bunnies can be litter-box trained, just like a cat. When they feel safe, loved and cared for, they give kisses. Alot of bunnies dont like being picked up, so respect a bunny’s wishes and meet them on their territory, on the floor. That way the bun will feel safe and you can still get your cuddles in! A hutch is NEVER enough, so dont EVEN go there. Bunnies need room to run, play and binky. Would YOU like to be pent up in a cage all damn day? I would say not! Bunnies are sensitive, intelligent, clever creatures who give and receive love, too!

My bunny, Boo, has more personality than many humans I know. He has his quirks, likes, dislikes and way of doing things. just like all living things. He can be the most affectionate being on the face of the earth…and then turn right around and be a little asshole. But he’s so damn cute it doesnt matter, he makes me laugh and feel more love than I ever thought possible! That’s my Boo, that’s my creature, and I love him unconditionally!


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Prompt: Sweaty Subjects

Thought it was something perverted, didnt ya? Heh heh. Get your head out of the gutter, this is a clean prompt, lol!

I think it was George on Seinfeld that said “Sweatpants tell the world you dont care!” That may be true in some cases (like when its that time of the month and all you want is every ounce of comfort you can find, even if its fleece!) but then there are the times you wear sweats because you are supporting your favorite team or trying to looks sporty-chic. But why read into it? Maybe you really DONT care! Okay, now the prompt, which is a two-parter:

A) How Many Pairs of Sweat Pants Do You Have?

Yoga pants dont count.Of them I have many. The prompt is talking about the fleecey stuff. Of them I have three: One purple, one pink, and one that supports the Kentucky Wildcats. They are comfy as heck and they are nice-nice.


B) How Many Sweatshirts/Hoodies Do You Have?

Over 10! For me, that’s a lot! I get cold easy. And I love a good over-sized fleece sweatshirt to snuggle down into.  AND my bunny loves it when I wear fleece, too! He snuggles close to my legs and tooth purrs, and then we are both pretty darn happy.


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Prompt: STATIC

Heh, I love the easy prompts! Upon seeing the word static, the first thing that came to mind is how much static there is in my bunny’s fur! I do not have a picture of it, but apparently fur babies suffer from staticy ‘hair’ just like us humans do! I was petting him the other day and I heard snap and crackle in his fur! The fur stood straight up when my hand was just a couple of inches above his little bottie! The air in our apartment IS dry. I’ve never seen his fur so staticy! It doesn’t bother him but I’m always getting shocked! No matter how much fabric softener I add to the laundry, there is still static. I go to the store and everything I touch shocks me. If it keeps up I’ll begin to like it.

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Prompt: I Am Someone Who…

LOVES: bunnies

WANTS TO: sleep

USED TO BE AFRAID OF: everything

IS DRIVEN BY: coffee


WHO NOTICES:  the little things

HAS A HABIT OF: losing my balance

IS HAPPIEST WHEN: around family and bunnies!

GETS DISAPPOINTED WHEN: my blood sugar is higher than I expected it to be.

BELIEVES IN: the hereafter

WOULD GIVE: anything to know that my mother is at peace.

WILL ONE DAY: get it together.


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Prompt: Do You Sleep With Your Closet Doors Open or Shut?

Sometimes I come across the dumbest prompts. But heck, why not answer? CLOSED! So that the unseen evil that lurks within remains unseen. HA! I just naturally tend to close the doors when I put something in or take something out. If you really wnat to get OC about it, then I HAVE to close them or else I feel unbalanced. And if you know me, you know that I am pretty unbalanced enough already, literally. I fall over just taking my shoes off while standing.

And then there’s the ‘if I dont shut the closet doors, all my stuff will fall out” reason. I have a small closet, it doesnt hold much. But it will hold whatever the hell I put in it if I keep the doors shut, LOLOLOLOL!!!

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Prompt: Name 10 Things That Delight You

I like the fun prompts. I dont have to thinks so hard, heh heh

1.Bunnies. This should be no surprise to anyone who knows me. I am a bunny mommy. I freakin’ love them.

2. Coffee with Vanilla Creamer

3. A good find on a clearance rack. Delights the hell out of me.

4. Glitter. Shiny, sparkly, glorious glitter. The world needs more glitter.

5. Fireworks on the 4th of July

6. Colored Christmas lights. In over-done amounts. Reds, Greens,  Blues.

7. Cake. Cake,cake, cake. It delights me to no end.

8. Squirrels. Yeah, you read right. Squirrels. Fluffy tailed, rolly-polly squirrels. I will stop on a walking trail to watch squirrels. They are so cute and silly.

9. Halloween. My favorite holiday in my favorite season.

10. Creating things successfully. Overcoming my fear of failure. As an artist, I am my own worst critic. So when I create something that gets MY OWN approval I am over the damn moon. Nothing is as great as exceeding your own expectations.

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Literally! My bunny, Boo, goes ape over treats. His face lights up and his nose goes nuts. And it is a treat for me to see him so happy. He is really an affectionate bunny, a love-sponge, a delight to watch every day, whether he’s cleaning his little face or just dozing in the sun. He will turn 7 this year. He’s getting older in bunny years, but sometimes he still acts like a silly kit!


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The Better Year

I’ve stopped making New Year’s resolutions. I just quit. I dont want that stress on me, and I’m not good at keeping them. I start out doing great and then a week later I’m like, “Meh.” Some on-line advice about starting a new year off right include not making promises but ‘attempts,’ where you attempt just to do better than last year, at everything. I think I can do that. Small steps to be a better me, haha.

Instead of resolving to loose weight, I will just eat better. Instead of promising to start an exercise regimen, I will merely move more. Instead of putting things off, I will get angry and do whatever it is that needs to be done then and there. Anger can be useful that way. If you dont like hating yourself for procrastinating, do the thing and get it the hell over with. Who enjoys hating themselves? Isnt there enough hate in the world already?

So instead of resolutions I will attempt betterness. I will even pick up a pencil and attempt to start sketching again. I havent sketched anything since my mom died four years ago.  I think I can attain some level of betterness by the end of 2018.

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