Photo Prompt: On The Way

On our way to the other side of the park close to where we live we always take the path where we can see the most squirrels. Because I love squirrels and the park squirrels are freakin’ nuts (pardon the pun). I always take a camera of some sort to see if I can get any squirrel action. Luckily, the camera my friend loaned me takes great close-up shots, and I managed to get a snap of this adorable little guy, who seemed to be as curious about us as we were about him!

Curious Squirrel

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Photo Promp: ENVELOPED

My precious ornery bunny Boo was quite ill last month but he is all better now, back to NOT eating his hays like he should, diggity-digging at the carpet and begging for treats. While he was poorly, though, I was able to pick him up to give him his meds without much trouble. I wrapped him in a soft towel, which helped him not to struggle too much while I syringe fed him, and he just looked so sweet and precious I had to grab a picture!

"Mommy takes care ob mees whiles I'm poorly."

“Mommy takes care ob mees whiles I’m poorly.”

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Prompt: “Those Dishes wont Do Themselves”

What’s the household task you most dislike doing?

That’s easy enough! Cleaning the @#$%ing toilet, and/or the tub. Especially the tub walls! **whine** The apartment I live in has the say over what kind of tile goes on the walls, and they are square with caulking around them, but at least those tiles aren’t the puke-green color they were in my old apartment. Yuck. (It seems like everything was green in my old apartment, whether it was supposed to be or not!) These tiles are white and I have to be on constant guard for mild and mildew and rust stains because we have hard water here where I live. Something like that. I have tried the sprays for keeping that crap under control, but they never work. Not like a toothbrush dipped in Clorox water. Yeccchhh!

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May The Fourth Be With You

It was a pretty good May the Fourth, what with all the Star Wars celebrating. Some folks watch al 6 Star Wars movies, and then some insist that only the first three are worth watching and that those three are most loved. Others feel obliged to watch all six ‘Warses since they are a part of that universe. ?I saw the original three, back when they came out and I was just a starry-eyed little girl who believed in unicorns and magic and torturing my Barbies. I loved those movies and I quite enjoyed the ‘latest’ three. Jar-Jar Binks doesnt get on my nerves too much– in my simple little opinion, there are FAR more annoying movie characters then him. Gollom, anyone? And how about Dr. Holloway in Prometheus? I hate what happened to him, but the way he treated David got on my nerves very much.

But that’s just me. You may feel differently? If anyone has a ‘first time I saw Star Wars’ tale to tell, please do! Who is your favorite ‘Wars character, and who do you dislike the most?

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A Fresh Start!

Its the first of a new month and I am back from about three month’s worth of depressing limbo. While I cannot post everyday, I will as often as I can. I’ve been dealing with a very sick little bunny who almost didn’t make it. My little Boo Bun had bladder sludge (which for non-bun folks, means there was a lot of calcium in his bladder and when a bunny tries to wee wee, it comes out thick and even chunky. Horrible, horrible thing for a little innocent bunny!) AND on top of the bladder sludge, he was suffering from GI Stasis. My ornery little rabbit had to be on meds, some forced, sometimes forced to eat and drink. But he is pulling through, rebounding, eating and drinking and making lots of little bunny poops. I was scared for while, and it does take a long while for a bunny to recover form these two life-threatening conditions, but he is recovering fine now.

So I decided that its just time for a fresh start. I deleted my own past posts and decided to renew the blog. Here’s to a fresh start, with a healthy bunny and a renewed outlook! :D

Little Boo

Mees is getting beddur!”

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