Long Time, No Post!

Been gone a long while! I havent gotten the CORONA virus as yet (knock on wood!) but I DID get the Moderna vaccine. As a Type 1 diabetic I expected all kinds of side effects and misery. Went to the store and got everything I thought I woule need for diabetic sick days. I was very willing to do my part in helping this vile disease end.

Needless to say I wondered if that meant the vaccine was working for me! I was assured that it was. After all that worrying needlessly! However, my blood sugars DID run high for a while after getting the second dose, so I used my sliding scale for insulin adjustments. Still doing just fine, no space hamsters have been injected into my brain, no sudden unexplaned urge to stick my finger in a light socket or converse with unseen Jedi. Kewliez.

Bu I would like to converse with a Jedi sometime, heh heh.

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5 Of 30 Questions For Self-Reflection Pt1

I didnt want to smoosh all 30 questions into one entry, that’s just too much to take! So I’ll start with 5 out of thirty and do 5 more another day, and so on. Okay, here are the first five:

1.When I wake up in the morning how do I most want to feel? Awake and ready to move!

2.What do I need more of in my life? Energy!

3.What do I need to let go of? The past.

4.What beliefs are holding me back from living my dream life? That you need money to do anything. But its true! If you want to go somewhere, you need money to get the gas. If you want to eat out, you need to money to buy your eats. If you want to travel, you need money for your expenses. It so true!

5.What does success mean to me? For me, its simple. Success is helping my sister pay our rent, bills, being able to get the car fixed when something goes wrong with it, taking care of my family and a little left over for a rainy day. I dont ask for much, but getting by is a struggle. I would love to not have to struggle all the freaking time! I’m not asking to be rich or famous or have a cushy job. Just not struggle so much. That cannot be too much to ask!

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Your Views On Mainstream Music

I can pretty much sum it up in one word: Meh.

I think it all sounds the same. Like there’s a desperation to sound like everybody’s else’s song. In my opinion the best music is NOT played on the raido. Its in the hidden gems of what you find looking anywhere else BUT the radio. And usually not American. Oh dont get me wrong, there are plenty of decent American musicians and bands, but this is a country that worships youth. If you’re over forty you might as well be dead. I grew up in the 80’s, and even then at a young age I could tell the difference between one song and the next. Not so much now. I’ll find the occasional good one on mainstream radio now and then, but I usually end up going to an oldies’ station. Singers these days sound like they are dying or in so much agony its a wonder they were able to put together lyrics, if you can call them that. Or they have phlegmy voices that are begging to be put out of their misery. And mine.

And then I turn to instrumentals. Movie soundtracks. Music without a word in it. Its invigorating, inspiring, different.

That’s just me. I loved the 70’s 80’s and 90’s with some of the early 2000’s included. But not now. There’s just no individuality to me. No maturity. And its sad.

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Do You Still Watch Cartoons?

Lord, yes! A lot of the time they are better than any non-cartoon TV show. But I’m picky. I watch Bob’s Burgers and the Simpsons. Teen Titans GO. I miss the days of Saturday Morning cartoons like when I was growing up. I would prefer them to whats on today on Saturday morning. And in the afternoons there was GI Joe, Jem and Heathcliff. One of my favorite movies is the original Watership Down animated movie. Of course I still watch cartoons, you never outgrow them.

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What Is Your Song Of The Week?

Hmmm, that’s a good one! I’ve been listening to movie soundtracks a lot lately, so I must say the ‘song’ is ‘Action Reaction’ from the Wonder Woman movie, by Rupert Gregson-Williams. Sounds great over my car’s speakers, sounds awesome over headphones. Good bass. Very girl-powerish! A great get-up-and-go piece of music, gets the blood pumping, and for someone who never has much energy, I’ll take it where ever I can get it! 😀

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Five Things You Absolutely Cannot Stand

Only five? Why not ten? Why not twenty? You mean I got to select only five grievances for this prompt? Sheesh. Well, okay, then I will TRY to narrow it down to five, heheh.

1.Mispelling. Did I misspell that? Well I dont care if  it was done accidentally or out of sheer ingnorance, but I cannot stand to read misspelled words, even my own! If I can go back and correct it, I do. Auto correct doesnt always correct, either. Be mindful of your spelling, it will help the blood pressure of others stay down, lol.

2.A redneck accent. I live in the south, so I hear it a lot. Sometimes a word or two escapes my own lips in a southern accent, and I work to correct it. So much so that I’ve been told I sound like I’m from ‘up north!’ I consider that a complement. But it DOES sound dumb. I just cant stand it.

3.Lack of Turn Signals! Please, people, auto manufacturers dont put blinking lights on your car just to make small children giggle. The folks driving behind, in front, or around you cannot read your mind, we havent evolved to that point as a species yet! Pedestrians cannot read your mind, either. How lazy are you to not move ONE FINGER to hold down a turn signal? Decrease your risk of an accident even more by using this very special auto feature! Use. Your Brain!

4. Cracked heels. I see them everywhere I go, summer AND winter. People wearing flip flops with the MOST hideous unkempt feet I have ever seen in my life! Dry, cracked, peeling heels and feet that look like they have never felt a drop of lotion in their miserable existence! How can ANYONE neglect their feet? And then show them off? You think people never look down?!

And why in God’s name are you wearing flip flops in the !@#$% winter?! With a jacket and hood? What is the MATTER with you?!

5. Littering. People have done it right in front of me, casting aside their nasty cigarette butts, fast food wrappers or cups as if the very second it leaves their person it is no longer their responsibility. It’s someone else’s. Sure the world isnt gonna last forever, but you dont have to add to its nastiness. Use common sense, will you? Take it to the trash can! You can do it, I promise!

There, five annoyances. I feel better for typing them out. Feel free to check my spelling, heh heh!

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Five Ways To Win Your Heart

This seems to be a very easy prompt. Five ways someone could win my heart are:

1. Love bunnies. Seriously. I’m a bunny-mommy and I love rabbits. I care about them. Loving and respecting animals is very important to me.

2. Hate Alien 3. I’m a James Cameron loyalist and my favorite movie is ALIENS. Anything that came after his 1986 masterpiece is just crap. Wanna win me over? Denounce the other sucky Alien movies!

3. Be respectful to others.

4. Carry on an intelligent conversation with me. It doesnt have to be about politics. Talk to me about science, the outdoors, good food, good movies!

5. Support my art. Tell me honestly where I need to work on it, what you think about it. Feedback, especially honest feedback is very important and helps me be a better artist!

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List Where You See Perfection In Your Life!

In the book I got this prompt from, it says to find perfection in your life, even if its hot water coming out of the tap. So little things DO count. I can do this.

1.In my bunny, Boo. His gentle bunny kisses and soft warm fur always cheer me up!

2. In my sister. Her humor, wit and ideas always amaze me.

3. In the sky. Every cloud, every star, the moon. The heavens amaze me.

5. In roses. I love roses. They’re poetic, beautiful, fragile but hardy, kinda like life itself.

6. In God. Now I’m not a super-religious person, but He has come through for me and my sister when we really needed the help. He takes care of us. In sadness and anger I have blamed Him for things that went wrong in my life and I am sorry for that. But He has given my a wonderful sister, and a precious bunny to keep me company. His creations are beautiful.

7. In horses. They are gorgeous and loving, and want to please, but it takes a good-hearted human being to understand them.

8. In black olives. Yep, black olives. I can go through a can in, like, 15 minutes.

9. Coffee with French Vanilla creamer. Ooo-la-la!

10. In plush pajamas. On cold nights. Snuggly warm!

11. In autumn. Cooler temps, breathable air, gorgeous trees, pumpkins, lots of reds and yellows, I love it! I hate summer, Its too hot, the air is SO oppressive, and bugs are all over the place.

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How Different Would Your Life Be If You Didn’t Take Things Personally?

Well I try NOT to take things personally. I like to think that I dont, but I do. Only human, you know. But if I completely, totally did not take anything personally then I would hve no humility. I would be cold hearted. And I would rather have a hurt heart than no heart. Some things I can take personally and put on a good front that I have not been affected. Some things I take personally and I crack. It just depends. These days people are TOO sensitive about some things and not sensitive enough about others!

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How Do You Feel About Intuition?

Gut feelings? Hmmm….. my gut is pretty full right now. Heh. Really, if I followed my intuition more often I would have even less energy than I do now. There’s so many things I feel I want or need to do but I just dont have the energy. Intuition suggests I go for a walk in this cold weather. Logic says !@##! that, its COLD!!! Intuition suggests I know I should give up drinking Diet Coke. So I have, for now. I dont know how long I can go, though. I dont ALWAYS shut down my intuition, but I dont always follow it, either. It depends.

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