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I'm a fanfic-writer/artist, bunny-mommy and big-time fan of the movie ALIENS, Phoenix/Jean Grey of the X-Men, Legolas of Lord of the Rings, Loki from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I love to draw, read, listen to music, rabbits, phoenixes, 3D Digital art, traditional art and creating things.


When I hear or see the word ‘gate’ I automatically think of the gate to my backyard where we lived in my old neighborhood. I loved my backyard, enclosed as it was by chain link in the suburban maze we … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge: Solitude

Sometimes a bunny needs time to himself to contemplate the mysteries of bunny life, the deliciousness of treats, and the love of his life, a Flemish Giant named Sweetie. ♥♥♥

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Photo Prompt: Ambiance

I live about thirty miles from Sevierville, Tennessee, where the wildfires of late last year sent smoke to Knoxville and gave everything a hazy and unsettling ambiance (not to mention a smoky smell!) Of course this is nothing like what … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge: It’s Not That Time Of Year Without…

Yams and marshmallows!!!! YAY! We have the turkey and the dressing and the almighty pumpkin pie, but my sisters yam and marshmallow dish is something I go nuts over!

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Photo Challenge: Tiny

One of the very first things that come to mind when I see or hear the word ‘tiny’ are the tiny lights on Christmas trees and decorations! I love those! They’re like tiny stars. Tiny lights that make a great … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge: Shine

Nothing gets my attention faster and better than two things: A.Bunnies, and B.Shiny things. Sparkly things. Glittery things. (Yeah, I love glitter, so what? Life is too short not to sparkle, dammit!) So shiny things get my attention. I see … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Clouds

Clouds? Did some prompt say clouds?! How could I refuse a prompt for CLOUDS? My head is constantly in them! I go out of my amateur way to take pictures of clouds with whatever picture taking device I have on … Continue reading

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Photo Prompt: Pure

The first things I think of when I hear the word ‘pure’ are water, babies, and bunny love. The latter because I am a bunny mommy and I know how sweet, precious and yes, pure, a bunny’s love can be. … Continue reading

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Although I’m not overly fond of Knoxville, Tennessee itself, there are certain places here and there  that are surprisingly lovely. Like this view of the landscape from a hill overlooking some of downtown Kville, including the Sunsphere on the left, … Continue reading

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Voice Work

The prompt: Your blog is about to be recorded into an audiobook. If you could choose anyone — from your grandma to Samuel L. Jackson — to narrate your posts, who would it be? For me, the first name that comes to … Continue reading

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