Photo Challenge: Vibrant

Where I live, trees are quick to turn color and then lose their leaves in the fall. Yet there is this one certain tree in the apartment complex where I live that seems to hold on to its color and leaves long after all the other trees are bare. This tree stands out like a brilliant flame in the midst of a whole lot of brown!IMG_2650

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Reason To Believe

At the end of the day, what is my reason to believe? For me its simply because I have nothing to lose! I need to believe there is a purpose to everything that happens, and that nothing happens by accident. To think that things happen for no damn reason is just insanity to me. There’s got to be a meaning to life, a reason why I’m here, and I cant accept ‘you’re here because yo momma gave birth to ya’ as an answer.

So I believe in that higher power. I believe God’s got a reason for me being here, and in keeping me here as long as I am going to be here. Maybe I’ll never know why, but do I really need to? I got enough on my mind already without adding that to it. Just to live the best life I can and deal with what I’ve been given. I need to believe this because, like I said, to  think otherwise would be insanity. Life is crazy enough!

I believe because it feels right. It feels right to believe in the guidance of a higher power. I cannot believe that we go through this life just for it to be snuffed out like a candle flame when we come to the end of it, and there being nothing at all afterward. That’s nuts. To go through all the crap I’ve been through and there be nothing in the afterlife. Oh hell no! Insanity! There has GOT to be something better in the afterlife that will make all this crap worth it. I choose to believe that because 1)The Good Lord said so, anyway. So there. And 2) It feels right for me to believe that.

Everyone’s entitled to believe what they want. Freedom of choice, and all that. What do you believe that feels right?

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Teen Age Idol

Couldn’t pass this one up! I didn’t really have an idol until 1986, and up until then I fancied Simon LeBon of Duran Duran! I saw the movie Aliens (which was also my first rated R movie accompanied by an adult), and emerged from the theater dazed and eternally in love with Michael Biehn, who plays Cpl. Hicks. Biehn wasn’t hugely popular, having only been known for doing The Terminator, and to me it was unbelievable that my friends didn’t know who he was!!! Most of the time, the more popular a favored celebrity was, the less I cared for them. But even though Biehn was knocked down a peg or two in my favorite actor category over the years by Orlando Bloom, Jensen Ackles or Hugh Jackman, he has always been in my top three faves. And now, with Alien 5 soon to be made, Biehn is right back up there at number one, just like he was decades ago!

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Photo Challenge: Circle

Everyday, my bun-son, Boo, chooses a room to hide in for the day, but when evening comes around he goes to the other rooms to check them out. To see if anything has changed, if anything is different. (Most bunnies hate change!) Then by evening time he comes to the living room to flop with his family. Its his routine, his circle of everyday activity. His favorite toy is a chain of plastic rings with a bell on one of the end rings. My bunny has always gravitated toward things that are circular!


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Photo Challenge: Gathering

Gathering clouds for a storm! My sister, a friend and I were returning from a day-long trip to Corbin, Kentucky, and the closer we got to Knoxville, the larger these clouds became! We were returning home, and home (we could tell) was right under where those clouds were gathering. We barely made it home and inside when the downpour and the lightning came!


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Photo Challenge: Eye Spy

Nothing is scarier than a bunneh giving his mommy the stink-eye… even while he is doing it in mid-head shake! 😀


Eye Spy a scary stink-eye!!!

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Photo Challenge: Careful!

This pic was taken a few years ago while I was coming out of my local Krogers grocery store: Ducks from a nearby pond coming into the store! They waddled across the road as fast as they could because its quite a busy parking lot,

"Hurry along, Mildred, this is the last day of the sale on oats, and I want to get some before they're all gone!"

“Hurry along, Mildred, this is the last day of the sale on oats, and I want to get some before they’re all gone!”

you know! A store employee had to shoo them out of the doorway after that, but at least he was nice about it!

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Photo Challenge: (Extra)Ordinary!

During the day, this park in west Knoxville looks ordinary, with its pleasant paths and a creek nearby, places to sit and places to picnic. But during Christmas, at night, the main trees are lit up like a magical forest, transforming the place into something extraordinary, almost transforming the park into a completely different world, of color and light! Night time can change the way a place looks, but Christmas makes it magical!

There's a crescent moon just barely visible in the upper right!

There’s a crescent moon just barely visible in the upper right!

Picnic Area

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Photo Challenge: Happy Place

Close to the old neighborhood where I lived a big chunk of my life there is this miniature pony farm and the ponies there are SO adorable! They gallop, buck and play on their choice of two hillsides that, thank God, have been spared from suburban development. They are friendly and love attention! They were coming over to the fence where my sister and I were standing, curious as to if we had any treats. Unfortunately we didnt, because what would the owners think if they saw two strangers giving their ponies ‘treats’? They liked head scratches, though, and that was nice. The pony farm is a happy place!

I wish they were ALL my little pony!!! :D

I wish they were ALL my little pony!!! 😀

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Photo Challenge: Change

When my sister and I moved from our old apartment building to another one in the same complex, we got an upstairs apartment. From there we have a pretty good view of the sunsets and the sky. Over the course of 2014, I took a picture from the apartment windows of each season, so here is here is a collage of the same place, after the change of each season!

The Four Season at Adair Manor Apartments.

The Four Season at Adair Manor Apartments.

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