Photo Challenge: It’s Not That Time Of Year Without…

Yams and marshmallows!!!! YAY! We have the turkey and the dressing and the almighty pumpkin pie, but my sisters yam and marshmallow dish is something I go nuts over!yamsmarshmallows

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Photo Challenge: Tiny

One of the very first things that come to mind when I see or hear the word ‘tiny’ are the tiny lights on Christmas trees and decorations! I love those! They’re like tiny stars. Tiny lights that make a great impact. Put strings and strings of them together and you have quite a galaxy of them, lol!


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Photo Challenge: Shine

Nothing gets my attention faster and better than two things: A.Bunnies, and B.Shiny things. Sparkly things. Glittery things. (Yeah, I love glitter, so what? Life is too short not to sparkle, dammit!) So shiny things get my attention. I see shiny things wherever I go. Even the local Red Lobster restaurant, where the glasses stored upside down over the bar was just so darn purty that I had to get a picture. I’m weird that way, but it would be a boring world without artistic weirdos.My beautiful picture

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Daily Prompt: Clouds

Clouds? Did some prompt say clouds?! How could I refuse a prompt for CLOUDS? My head is constantly in them! I go out of my amateur way to take pictures of clouds with whatever picture taking device I have on me! I freakin’ love clouds. I’m scared of heights, but I would swallow that fear and go up in an airplane just to take pictures of clouds. Just do NOT expect me to jump out of the airplane. Just because I love clouds doesnt mean I want to physically drop through them. Here is a couple of pics from my cloud-lovin’ Samsung!



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Photo Prompt: Pure

The first things I think of when I hear the word ‘pure’ are water, babies, and bunny love. The latter because I am a bunny mommy and I know how sweet, precious and yes, pure, a bunny’s love can be. My Boo Bunny doesnt care about what’s in the news or how crappy the world can be. All that matters is food, water, and bunny lovin’s. We have our ‘mother and bun-son’ snuggling sessions in the morning and at night, when all that matters is head pets and kisses. Bunnies dont slobber all over you like dogs do (no offense, dog-people). Bunny kisses are sweet, insistent, and a sign that your bunny loves you very much. There is so much innocence in my bunny’s eyes, so much curiosity and when he is getting his head pets, so much relaxation. He’s not ‘just a bunny’. He’s medicine for the heart and soul! ❤Bunspector

Here is Boo Bunny, about to administer kisses to his mommy’s forehead!

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Although I’m not overly fond of Knoxville, Tennessee itself, there are certain places here and there  that are surprisingly lovely. Like this view of the landscape from a hill overlooking some of downtown Kville, including the Sunsphere on the left, and the view of the Smokey Mountains in the distance. On a clear sunny day, when the humidity is low, you can see them extremely well!



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Voice Work

The prompt: Your blog is about to be recorded into an audiobook. If you could choose anyone — from your grandma to Samuel L. Jackson — to narrate your posts, who would it be?

For me, the first name that comes to mind is TOM HIDDLESTON. You know, Loki. Of Asgard. Thor’s hot little brother. Yeah. Because every word that comes out of his mouth is like sexy molasses. And I would love to hear him say “as I was cleaning up Boo Bunny’s poopy butt.” Nothing so sexy as hearing one of my favorite actors of all time relating how my day went cleaning up after my rabbit’s poo. Swoon!

If I had other choices it would be Michael Biehn and/or Sam Elliot. Elliot could kick your ass with his voice alone. Honorable mention goes to Ian McKellen. Who wouldnt want their blog voiced by the master of Magnetism? With the best voice of all, Alan Rickman, gone, there’s beginning to be a lack of sexy male voices!


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Photo Challenge: Vibrant

Where I live, trees are quick to turn color and then lose their leaves in the fall. Yet there is this one certain tree in the apartment complex where I live that seems to hold on to its color and leaves long after all the other trees are bare. This tree stands out like a brilliant flame in the midst of a whole lot of brown!IMG_2650

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Reason To Believe

At the end of the day, what is my reason to believe? For me its simply because I have nothing to lose! I need to believe there is a purpose to everything that happens, and that nothing happens by accident. To think that things happen for no damn reason is just insanity to me. There’s got to be a meaning to life, a reason why I’m here, and I cant accept ‘you’re here because yo momma gave birth to ya’ as an answer.

So I believe in that higher power. I believe God’s got a reason for me being here, and in keeping me here as long as I am going to be here. Maybe I’ll never know why, but do I really need to? I got enough on my mind already without adding that to it. Just to live the best life I can and deal with what I’ve been given. I need to believe this because, like I said, to  think otherwise would be insanity. Life is crazy enough!

I believe because it feels right. It feels right to believe in the guidance of a higher power. I cannot believe that we go through this life just for it to be snuffed out like a candle flame when we come to the end of it, and there being nothing at all afterward. That’s nuts. To go through all the crap I’ve been through and there be nothing in the afterlife. Oh hell no! Insanity! There has GOT to be something better in the afterlife that will make all this crap worth it. I choose to believe that because 1)The Good Lord said so, anyway. So there. And 2) It feels right for me to believe that.

Everyone’s entitled to believe what they want. Freedom of choice, and all that. What do you believe that feels right?

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Teen Age Idol

Couldn’t pass this one up! I didn’t really have an idol until 1986, and up until then I fancied Simon LeBon of Duran Duran! I saw the movie Aliens (which was also my first rated R movie accompanied by an adult), and emerged from the theater dazed and eternally in love with Michael Biehn, who plays Cpl. Hicks. Biehn wasn’t hugely popular, having only been known for doing The Terminator, and to me it was unbelievable that my friends didn’t know who he was!!! Most of the time, the more popular a favored celebrity was, the less I cared for them. But even though Biehn was knocked down a peg or two in my favorite actor category over the years by Orlando Bloom, Jensen Ackles or Hugh Jackman, he has always been in my top three faves. And now, with Alien 5 soon to be made, Biehn is right back up there at number one, just like he was decades ago!

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