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Five Ways To Win Your Heart

This seems to be a very easy prompt. Five ways someone could win my heart are: 1. Love bunnies. Seriously. I’m a bunny-mommy and I love rabbits. I care about them. Loving and respecting animals is very important to me. … Continue reading

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Prompt: Name Three Places That Make You Feel Whole

Okay, interesting. I cant afford to travel, so these places would have to be local. So local, that they are probably within my home, heh heh. But it would be true, and that’s the point of the prompt. 1. My … Continue reading

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Prompt: Sweaty Subjects

Thought it was something perverted, didnt ya? Heh heh. Get your head out of the gutter, this is a clean prompt, lol! I think it was George on Seinfeld that said “Sweatpants tell the world you dont care!” That may … Continue reading

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