The Better Year

I’ve stopped making New Year’s resolutions. I just quit. I dont want that stress on me, and I’m not good at keeping them. I start out doing great and then a week later I’m like, “Meh.” Some on-line advice about starting a new year off right include not making promises but ‘attempts,’ where you attempt just to do better than last year, at everything. I think I can do that. Small steps to be a better me, haha.

Instead of resolving to loose weight, I will just eat better. Instead of promising to start an exercise regimen, I will merely move more. Instead of putting things off, I will get angry and do whatever it is that needs to be done then and there. Anger can be useful that way. If you dont like hating yourself for procrastinating, do the thing and get it the hell over with. Who enjoys hating themselves? Isnt there enough hate in the world already?

So instead of resolutions I will attempt betterness. I will even pick up a pencil and attempt to start sketching again. I havent sketched anything since my mom died four years ago.  I think I can attain some level of betterness by the end of 2018.


About jeanbird

I'm a fanfic-writer/artist, bunny-mommy and big-time fan of the movie ALIENS, Phoenix/Jean Grey of the X-Men, Legolas of Lord of the Rings, Loki from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I love to draw, read, listen to music, rabbits, phoenixes, 3D Digital art, traditional art and creating things.
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