Photo Prompt: Pure

The first things I think of when I hear the word ‘pure’ are water, babies, and bunny love. The latter because I am a bunny mommy and I know how sweet, precious and yes, pure, a bunny’s love can be. My Boo Bunny doesnt care about what’s in the news or how crappy the world can be. All that matters is food, water, and bunny lovin’s. We have our ‘mother and bun-son’ snuggling sessions in the morning and at night, when all that matters is head pets and kisses. Bunnies dont slobber all over you like dogs do (no offense, dog-people). Bunny kisses are sweet, insistent, and a sign that your bunny loves you very much. There is so much innocence in my bunny’s eyes, so much curiosity and when he is getting his head pets, so much relaxation. He’s not ‘just a bunny’. He’s medicine for the heart and soul! ❤Bunspector

Here is Boo Bunny, about to administer kisses to his mommy’s forehead!


About jeanbird

I'm a fanfic-writer/artist, bunny-mommy and big-time fan of the movie ALIENS, Phoenix/Jean Grey of the X-Men, Legolas of Lord of the Rings, Loki from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I love to draw, read, listen to music, rabbits, phoenixes, 3D Digital art, traditional art and creating things.
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