Forever Young…?

The question: if there was a fountain of youth would I want to drink from it?

My answer, hell no.

Why? Assuming this fountain stops you from dying as well, because if one drank from it, it would make you immortal, right? I don’t want to live forever. I want to be reunited in heaven with my mother and family. I don’t want to see the world get any damn worse than it already is. I don’t want to see friends grow old and die, to watch the whole cycle of life begin and end while I stay the same. Don’t wanna watch wars start and be worse than the one before. Don’t wanna see the earth go to pot anymore than it already is. I cant imagine why anyone would.


About jeanbird

I'm a fanfic-writer/artist, bunny-mommy and big-time fan of the movie ALIENS, Phoenix/Jean Grey of the X-Men, Legolas of Lord of the Rings, Loki from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I love to draw, read, listen to music, rabbits, phoenixes, 3D Digital art, traditional art and creating things.
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