Photo Promp: ENVELOPED

My precious ornery bunny Boo was quite ill last month but he is all better now, back to NOT eating his hays like he should, diggity-digging at the carpet and begging for treats. While he was poorly, though, I was able to pick him up to give him his meds without much trouble. I wrapped him in a soft towel, which helped him not to struggle too much while I syringe fed him, and he just looked so sweet and precious I had to grab a picture!

"Mommy takes care ob mees whiles I'm poorly."

“Mommy takes care ob mees whiles I’m poorly.”


About jeanbird

I'm a fanfic-writer/artist, bunny-mommy and big-time fan of the movie ALIENS, Phoenix/Jean Grey of the X-Men, Legolas of Lord of the Rings, Loki from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I love to draw, read, listen to music, rabbits, phoenixes, 3D Digital art, traditional art and creating things.
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