What’s Something That People Do In Traffic That Really Bothers You?

I may have answered this before, but I’ma answer it again! REFUSE TO USE TURN SIGNALS!!! Look, people, I cant read your mind. I don’t know whether you’re going to turn right or left, or change lanes on the interstate right in front of me! It really pisses me off because Tennessee is so bad for this kind of thing. Like it goes against whatever religion they belong to to use the flashy-light-thingy. All it takes is one finger, and I can guarantee you that you wont pass out or hurt yourself. Now texting while driving and yappin’ on the cell phone are both things that get under my skin like a tick, but the laziness that people exhibit by the no-turn signal belief is just too much for me. Like these lazy people would rather make their driving problems my problems. Know what I do? I lay on the horn. I use a lot of foul language because stupid people bring out the worst in me. Please don’t be a stupid person. Use your turn signals, they’re there for a reason. And it will keep me from honking relentlessly at you.


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Using Only One Word Per Person…

…describe each person in your life today. Sound simple, and you know how I like me some simple prompts!

1. My sister: supportive

2. Boo Bunny (yes, fur-babies count as people!): wayward!

3. Family friend Randy: sweet

4. Family friend Rick: hilarious

That’s  everyone I had around me today. All day long I had sneezing fits and a runny nose so I didn’t feel like doing much interaction today. Tomorrow I go in for round two of laser eye surgery, so I need to get ready for that. If it doesnt work this time (the surgery) I’ma scream!!!

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Something You Intended To Do Today But Didnt

Because it is a holiday weekend, I intended to watch movies with a patriotic theme, but I got so into the Dead, White And Blue- Walking Dead marathon than all thought of movies went out of my mind. I don’t exactly enjoy re-watching the episodes that feature the Governor, but there are always bathroom breaks, snack breaks and nap breaks, haha. And I am a staunch Daryl/Carol fan, and seeing the episodes where they bond more and more are always worth seeing over and over again. October is such a long time away still! If there are any Walking Dead fans reading this, I would love to know what youre hoping for in Season 5, or to see in the premiere of Season 5!

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Something Your Parents Used To Say…

…that you find yourself saying all the time now: the phrase ‘When I was younger…’ Seems I heard that all the time growing up, and it got to the point of annoyance. Now I find myself saying it without thinking! When did I get old enough to start using that phrase, LOL! But its true that things are different than when I was younger, it happens to everyone who lives to be, er, older. Things change, and not always for the better. I hear a lot of people say the thing they miss most about when they were younger is innocence. Maybe so. I suppose I miss innocence as well… and opportunities, too. :D

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What’s one of your nicknames? What do you prefer to be called?

Crazy prompt, huh? I’ve had various nicknames over the years, some even coming from my late mother. There was the time she called me ‘Swiss Miss’ because I drank a lot of that Swiss Miss instant hot chocolate for a while. Its not the worst, but it WAS annoying. My argument was that ‘Hey, I get cold a lot, I’m anemic, hot chocolate is helpful, dangit!’ but Mom just persisted all the more.

I just prefer to be called by my middle name, Jean. I like that just fine. Nicknames arent necessary with me, but I do tend to heap them upon my bunny, Boo! bunnies are fair game for nicknames. He’s been called the following: Butt-Butt, Love-Love, Poopy-head, lil’ monster, da brat, da butt, bunny-man, handsome, Booey-Wooey, Batbun, Spongebun Furpants, and baby boy. He’s been called so many endearments that its a wonder he knows his own real name! But when you’re round and soft and snuggly, its just your cross to bear, LOL! What are some of your nicknames?

"Dey call me Da Butt!"

“Dey call me Da Butt!”

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What’s Something You Won and How Did You Win It?

Ah, one of those journaling prompts that forces me to think. Great. In the early to mid eighties. I went to a day camp for diabetic kids at a very nice picnic area by a river. On the last day of the week-long camp, there were contests held for certain fun events, and I actually won something: a small trophy for making what the adults deemed as the best brown paper bag puppet. I had made a horse with a stand-up paper-bag mane. I forget exactly how I accomplished that, but I did and the adults liked it. The beginning of my artistic flair!

I also won five bucks in a Kentucky Lottery once. I got a case of Diet Coke with it. Livin’ the high-life, y’know. Heh-heh.

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An Odd-Eye Update

Went another follow up appointment for the laser eye surgery this afternoon. Doc said there was still some blood behind my eye and he gave me another shot– in the eye.  This is the second time I’ve had this done. Of course they numb the eye first, otherwise you would hear me howl from one side of the US to the other. I felt the pressure of it and that felt weird enough! But before that I experienced yet another round of eeriness, this time in the form of an ultrasound on the right eye. An ultrasound! Where they put jelly-goop on your person and roll a wand-like thingy over the goop! Well that’s what the doc did to my right eye. I felt no pain, only a little pressure and the cold goop. Then a nurse washed my eye out, the doc gave me another shot in the eye in hopes of it helping the thick blurriness of the eye’s vision go away. Looking at me you cant tell I had all of this weirdness done unto me, but I can sure tell! My eyeball is sore and my sister says it looks blood red when she pulls the corner of my eye back.

And why would I let my sister pull around on my eye lids? BECAUSE SHE’S MY SISTER THAT’S WHY! She wanted to know what an eyeball looked like after a needle was stuck into it, so I entertained her curiosity! Geez, if you cant let a relative yank your eyelid to the side and peer into your eye socket, then who can you! The look on her face was hilarious. “Doesn’t it hurt?” asked she. “Nope, not a bit,” said I. Then we get home and the numby stuff has worn off and now its sore.

But I would still let her yank on it, just to see that bizarred look on her face! :D

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When Bunnies Get Weird…er

Love me, love my bunny. His name is Boo. Actually its Booford Branham Bunny, but he answers to Boo. And he is a weird little bun.

Boo does not eat his hays like the majority of good, healthy bunnies should. He loves his pellets and his greens (like kale, cilantro and parsley), but he doesn’t like hay! And hay is essential to a bunny’s well being. I’ve tried every brand I can get my paws on and he has refused them all. He does seem to have a taste for moist pet grass, which is a step closer to hay, but not as good as the real thing. Boo Bun prefers head pets to playing with his toys, does not like being picked up, and digging and/or chewing on carpet. Now, a lot of buns are notorious for this kind of behavior, but usually a great deal of toys and a diggy box remedy these things. Carpet digging and refusal to eat hay are by no means any reasons to give him up, oh no, he is my fur baby and I love him unconditionally. My momma didn’t give me up when I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 5, so I will not give up my fur baby just because he’s a little weirdo, haha!

So for the hell of it, here is a pic of Boo Bun for your Tuesday night viewing pleasure:

"I'ma norty boy, heehee!"

“I’ma norty boy, heehee!”



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What Do You Think About Remakes?

And by remakes, I mean movies being redone, or as the sneaky term used these days is, ‘reimagining.’ At my age, you would think that I would prefer originals of everything to these, er, ‘reimaginings,’ but I don’t. I shake my head at a lot of them, but there are those I like. But my main frustration with all of these remak–er, reimaginings is why cant anyone redo Alien 3. Don’t anyone out there tell me it wasn’t a bad movie or any of that crap because I don’t buy it. I’m a James Cameron loyalist, you wont get anywhere with me. If you know me you know this already. I would dearly love a third Alien movie that respects the film that Cameron made. In other words, give me Hicks and Ripley alive and well! I hear that Terminator is going to be remade with Game of Thrones’ Emily Clarke as Sarah Connor. The Mother of Dragons as The mother of the future? Cool! I’m totally open to that! It will be interesting to see who they get to be Kyle Reese, and in my opinion, I would love to see Kellan Lutz as the Terminator. The guy is built like a Terminator. And he played big Emmet Cullen. So there.

Its fans who shell out money they really cant afford to see a movie in a theater, so why not give the fans something they will be glad they spent their hard-earned money on?  I’m okay with remakes as long as they are done well, but there really is something to be said for originality. Except for Alien3. That was just a big garbage bag of inexcuseable suck. What movies to do you prefer to their remakes, and what would you like to see a remake of?

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First Day Of June ‘Eye Report’

So here’s the latest on ‘Eye-Watch 2014,’ as my sis calls it! Two weeks ago my doc said that it will take 4 more weeks for my right eye to supposedly get back to normal. I’m getting used to going through life with one clear-seeing eye (haha) but nothing beats having two! I see blobs of light, shadow and color, but nothing distinct. My typing isn’t that great, but if you know me, you already know my typing wasnt that great to begin with! ! It would have been so much easier to endure all of this eye business if she had been here. Looking at me you cant tell that I had anything done to it, but looking out of it sure is frustrating. There isn’t anymore pain or soreness and I dont have to sleep on my left side only anymore, which is relief, because I need to flop about while I practice my night-karate, heehee.

On a positive note, I am SO looking forward to this weekend’s Belmont Stakes race! I may only have one decent eye to see stuff with, but it’s enough to see California Chrome win and be the first Triple Crown winner in decades! Wouldnt that be something!

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