Soulful Machines

A machine that was a lot like a human. Not hard for me to think about that one! My last car. In some ways it was like me: not in the best of health but not ready to go kaput yet. Every time I got into it, it wanted to take me to the mall or Krispy Kreme. Like me, it meant well but its logic was absolute crap. It needed a lot of ‘repair,’ but yet it kept going. It was full of hot air (and I mean that literally, the air conditioning wouldn’t work for awhile).  It did better in winter than it did in summer. But its ‘health problems’ got the better of it and in the early fall of 2012 it was on the verge of ‘throwing a rod’ which is akin to a death sentence for a car. We had some good times, me and my little red 4-door. I miss it.

Hell, I miss having ANY car at all, period!

And now my three positives for today:

1.) Didnt have to go out in the heat. That is ALWAYS a positive!

2.) Had a damn good bowel movement. Hey, don’t laugh. You know as well as I do that van give you a new lease on life. Too bad cars cant have ‘em.

3.) Plucked even MORE shedding tufties off Boo Bunny. Oh my Lord he looks so small now! Proof positive that bunnies are mostly fur! He looks anorexic now! But you’ve heard me say it before, better off the bun than in the bun’s tummy! I had accused the little imp of having gained weight. Oh Booey I’m so sorry! You were 50 percent fluff all along! :0

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Voice Work

The question, if your blog was recorded as an audio book, who would you choose to be the voice that narrates it? I would choose my favorite actor, Michael Biehn. His husky voice is unique and sexy. It would make my boring life story sound a little more interesting, and I would love to hear him talk about my sister and my bunny, heehee.And it would be cool to have Corporal Hicks narrating my life story!

My positives for today are…

1.) I plucked so much fur off of Boo Bunny today he looks like he’s lost 3 pounds! This is a positive because loose and shedding fur can kill a bun if it is ingested, and bunnies groom as religiously (if not more so) than cats!

2.) Found out that the temperature will be going down in a couple of days. This is the month that autumn begins, so it had better start feeling like it! A little less humidity and temps in the 70’s. I can handle that a lot better than the 90’s and 90’s!

3.) Watched some episodes of the A-Team that I hadn’t seen in years and years. My God, Murdoch is so freakin’ funny! He’s my sister’s and my favorite on the show. TV shows sure aren’t made like that any more!

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Hand Me Downs

I don’t mind hand-me-downs. Used books, yard sale finds and things like that. I consider them to be ‘pre-loved.’ And as long as the material thing is in good condition, I’m perfectly content with the item in question. The best thing I ever got as a hand-me-down was my great grandmother’s old Samsonite luggage, from back when things were made with much more quality than they are now. My grandmother used it and so did my mother. It has last for soooo long. I don’t know long my great grandmother had it, or how long the Samsonite company has been around, but I do know that this little brown suitcase was very well taken care off and I am proud to use it. I don’t have anyone to pass it along to, so I don’t know what will happen to it after I’m gone, but I hope whatever hands it falls into will take just as good care of it as all of its previous female owners!

My three positives for today are:

1.) Rearranged the contents of Boo Bunny’s cage so that hopefully he wont feel inclined to poop so much in it.

2.) Took up hula-hooping as a way to get fit. I used to hula-hoop all the time, and its good exercise! I can really tell the difference in my abdominal muscles.

3.) My precious poopy-butted Boo bunny has returned to meditating under my bed during the day. He feels safe and comfortable under there, and I like knowing he’s happy there! :D

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Finding My Positives

Not much happened today, but I’m trying to find the positives for each day, so that I don’t slip into a deep funk and sit in my room eating creamy peanut butter out of a jar with a spoon. My ‘possies’ are…

1.) My friend Rick painted a shoe rack to go into my small closet. It took up a lot of room in the closet, but it was a much-needed thing because I have a lot of shoes, and that is because I am female. :D

2.) I plucked a lot of fur off of Boo again, almost enough to make another Boo Bunny! I shudder to think of all that fur ending up in his sensitive tummy here at shedding time, it could hurt him or worse! Better in a plucked pile than in that tum-tum!

3.) Reviewed my videos that I tool while at the county fair this past Sunday. Not bad, not bad at all! 

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My Positives For Sept.8, 2014

Last night I went to the Tennessee Valley Fair for the second year in a row. While last night’s adventure deserves a blog entry to itself, I’m tired and I’ll get to it tomorrow, with pictures and stuff. I’m tired because I’m still getting over last night. I happened to have gotten on a ride I hadn’t been on in decades. I’ll yak some more about it tomorrow.

My positives for today are:

1.) I had a delicious fried bologna SAMMICH. And I reveled in it.

2.) Finished an extremely hard crossword puzzle. I felt really smart afterwards…and really relieved.

3.) Watched some episodes of the Simpsons I hadn’t seen in years. Heee-larious! And I love the one where an uncredited Barry and Robin Gibb are camp counselors at the art camp Lisa attends!

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Photo Challenge: Adventure

I tried to post last night but something was going on with my internet connection, so it wasn’t for lack of trying! But this is my contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge for Adventure. Last year my sister and I went to the Tennessee Valley Fair for the first time in over a decade and the very first ride we put our butts on was called the Orbiter. Now, when we first came upon this ride, it was slowing down after having gone at full speed but we didn’t know that. We thought it was going as fast as it was gonna go.


Boy we were wrong! The Orbiter is a ride that has three arms extending form a central rotating thing (forgive my lack of technical jargon for these kinds of things, I’m doing my best). At the end of each ‘arm’ are three ‘cars,’ with a seat and a ba that goes across your front. When the ride begins, the three arms go up a bit and rotate, and as the arms rotate, so do the three cars at the end of each arm. The rotate and they go FAST. Much more faster than I was prepared for after not having been on a fair ride in over a decade. I thought I was going to die. My legs shook like crazy Jell-O after I got off. My sister was also visibly shaken. We witnessed a kid in tears after he got off of it, too. Needless to say we went and sat our dumbasses down after that. We hadn’t had any fair-food yet, so we hadnt had anything to throw up yet, haha.

But here is the one and only picture I managed to take as the Orbiter was starting up. Within seconds I was squeezing my camera so hard I’m surprised I didnt break it.

Fair ride

The beginning of the Orbiter ride. Damn this thing.


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Three Positives for Sept.4th, 2014

I know today’s WordPress prompt was something to the effect of you could remake or recast the roles in your favorite show or movie, who would it be, something like that, but I’m just now getting to blog and its late and my brain whimpers at the thought of thinking too much at this ungodly hour (11:28 PM) **snort snort**  Just know that the movie I’d pick to recast is ALIENS. Its my favorite movie in the whole world, and before anyone starts to nag, I want it known that I would NEVER want it to be remade or anyone else in the roles FROM the movie! So you ask, why choose it, then? Because Hollywood is now in a horrible trend of ‘remaking’ or ‘rebooting’ everything, and its only a matter of time before James Cameron’s ALIENS is preyed upon. Believe me, I would never want a masterpiece to be messed with, but in Hollywood, nothing is sacred.

You know I’m right.

I’ll pick who I would want to see in an ALIENS reboot some other time. I’m pooped. Had a long day. Managed to find 3 positives:

1. Cleaned Boo bunny’s poopy butt for this week. Told you I was pooped. What, you didn’t think I meant literally? :D This is a positive because it keeps my little monster from getting infections and other terrible bunny afflictions.

2. Went to the store and replenished my stock of human noms! Diabetics need noms too, y’know.

3. Helped my sister get her bedroom furniture situated a little more. We’ve lived in this new apartment since March of this year and we’re still figuring out where we want furniture to sit! You have to move things around until you get it just right. Even fi it takes most of the friggin’ year! :P

Any positives in your day you would like to share with me?

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Digging Up Your Digs

Pretty cool prompt! If the remains of my residence were dug up by archaeologists of the future, they would see that…

1. the woman who lived here drank absurd quantities of Diet Coke.

2. There is lots and lots of bunny poop still in fair condition! :P

3. She kept using CDs and DVDs long after they went out of style!

4. She was a Type 1 Diabetic, because of all the little blood glucose testing strips laying around (amid the bunny poop, of course)!

And I mustn’t forget my three positives of the day:

1. Didn’t have to go ut anywhere today, which was good, because I didn’t feel like getting out in the awful heat/humidity.

2. Got my fall issue of Elle magazine, late, but better than not at all. I love the fall issues even if I cant afford a single freakin’ thinkg in ‘em!

3. Began plans on a new artsy-craftsy project: adding embellishments to a gold facial mask. Not for Halloween, mind you, but because I love masks, and red and gold are my colors. I haven’t a clue as to what I’ll use on the mask, but I got enough glitter, sequins, feathers and paint in my crafty arsenal to produce something! :D

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My Three For Today, Sept.2nd,2014

My three positives for today…

1. My sister and I didn’t have to walk in the awful heat and humidity. Our friend Rick let us drive his car to the store and back. I am very grateful he allows us the use of his car for things like this.

2. The banana bread I baked as a thank you to Rick for the use of his car turned out really well! He really liked it, bless his banana-loving soul!

3. Got to get the bunny some more greens. I cant stand to see his little face so eager for treats and have nothing to give him, so being able to keep him in cilantro and parsley is very vital!

Boo Bunny Eager Face

“Wont you pwease feed me some tasty fwesh gweens, momma?”

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Something Positive Every Day

Inspired by a friend on Facebook, I am going to attempt to find at least three positive things about each day, five at the most. Maybe in doing so I can actually feel a little more positive about each day instead of holding on to what goes wrong. What have I got to loose? So three things that were positive about today were…

1. My bunny Boo’s third birthday. I cannot believe he’s three years old already! I got him two new jingly toys, and a chewy ball that he has already began destructing! He’s been hilarious!

2. My blood sugars were decent today. That’s always a good thing.

3. I fixed up a diggy-box for Boo as another birthday surprise. He’s never had a diggy box before. Hopefully he will learn to dig in the sand rather than dig up the carpeting! I love seeing his bunny paw prints in the super-soft sand!

So that’s my ‘at least 3′ things for today. Can you recall three to five positive things that happened to you today? :D 

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