Daily Prompt: Happy Endings

Something that I’ve tried to quit. Recently. That would be Diet Coke, that drink which I have had a love/hate relationship with for years and years. I have tried to quit soooo many times that its actually funny. And I’ve read all the dangers of diet soda and I’m fully aware of the risks, but yet… but yet… I CANT QUIT IT!

I’ve tried that thing called ‘water,’ but my lazy-ass logic is that Diet Coke has water in it. My sister rolls her eyes at my logic, and with good reason. Diet Coke tastes good with fried foods, greasy foods, snack foods, beans, chili, fast foods, pie, and every other food I can think of. Its good after a hot shower, a hot day, a cold day, an Autumn day, etc, etc. Its great to drink when you’re watching games, races, soap operas, dancing reality shows and Supernatural. I can think of lots of other insane crap Diet Coke goes great with. I’m that far gone on it.

Oh I suppose I will continue to guzzle it down until my doctor says I need to stop or I’ll die. Its only human nature to continue doing something that’s bad for you until you are threatened with death. LOL. I suppose there are worse things that I could be addicted to, but being addicted to something never turns out well. You end up on a reality show making a fool of yourself for money you’ll only end up losing buying more of whatever you went on the show to ‘deal with’ in the beginning. Ew.



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Prompt: Quirk Of Habit

I cant think of any quirks I find endearing right off, but I can think of one of my sister’s that annoys me: her almost-constant purchasing of hair coloring and makeup that she never uses! We both agree that she borders on being a makeup hoarder, but why she doesnt use all that she amasses, I dont understand.

For my sister, she hates that I go right back to bed after breakfast. Does that qualify as a quirk? She understands that I check my blood sugar in the night and that quite often I have to eat something in the night because I have blood sugars in the 50′s, and so right after I have breakfast at 7 AM, I go back to bed because I feel wiped out. It annoys her, and sometimes it annoys me too, because my sleeping schedule is so messed up.

And even my bunny, Boo, has quirks. There’s a cute one where he dislikes bedding and will literally push it away from himself in his cage with his two front paws! He looks sooo adorable when he pushes things away from himself! His annoying quirk is that he refuses to eat hay. If you familiar with me and Boo then you already know how I’ve bitched about this problem endlessly. A bunny must have hay in order to remain healthy. It is very abnormal for a bunny to refuse to eat hay. And I have a very abnormal bunny. I don’t think he knows he’s a rabbit, but sooner or later one of us has got to tell him, haha.

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Photo Challenge: Window

Winter WindowThis is a picture taken in late 2012, my mom’s last Christmas. We still had her favorite blue lights up around the entrance to the kitchen/dining room, and you could see them very well from outside on the walkway in front of our apartment building. Mom loved blue, and she loved snow. It was coming down really good that day! I love this pic not just because of my Mom, but because you can see the lights inside AND the reflection of the trees behind me in the glass. A window can reveal much more than a mere view!

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Daily Prompt: Happy Happy Joy Joy

Happiness is… Being snuggled up in a plush blanket with a cup of hot chocolate while you watch the snow come down. Might as well enjoy it!

Happiness is… having someone who knows just what you need when you have a raging snot cold, haha!

Happiness is… a soft warm bunneh who loves you and is glad to be a part of your family:

"Me so happeh!!!"

“Me so happeh!!!”

**Just a note: dont buy, adopt a bun!

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Are Cds and DVDs The ‘New’ Cassette Tapes?

A friend and I were discussing our little media devices and then my friend said it wont be long until Cds and Dvds will soon be things of the past, what with media players and other forms of ‘immediate media’ popping up all the time. And I actually think he’s right. I watched vinyl records pass away for cassette tapes, then the cassettes gave way to the CD, the videotape to the DVD and Blue-Ray. And then there’s all the money one spends on getting their beloved music and videos transferred or downloaded to new media.

Change is (urrrrrgh) inevitable, and the days of discs will eventually be over someday, but I hope its not anytime soon. Is there anyone out there who thinks this change is coming, and if so, do you think it will be fast or gradual over a long period of time? What is your favorite type of media player? Mine is my ever blessed laptop. Its a Gateway, good condition and I love it, yeah, but I hate Windows 8. Just cant get used to it. But I lub my ‘puter.

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Cold Remedies

It would seem that everyone I know has a cold as of today, or something close to it. Just another reason to avoid Knoxville, Tennessee, haha. But yeah, right after the 25th of December I got myself a snot-cold, and hit the meds: honey lemon cough drops (Sugar free), Benadryl and Advil, alternately (never at the same time. I have a hard enough time acting normal without mixing my cold medicines, LOL!). My cold wasn’t even the worst it could get (God be praised) but it was bad enough that I wanted to sleep as much as possible, which is the best way to get through a cold if you can.

But I was bombarded with family and friend’s remedies to help me cope, and some of them actually worked for me: I got dry toast with natural honey, a drink made of hot water, vinegar, lemon juice and honey that is supposed to make you feel so much better within the hour– I didnt try this one because by the time I read this recipe I was already better, but I will definitely try it next time. I got the ‘use a humidifier’ tip, the ‘use Vicks’ advice, the ‘gargle with saltwater’ advice, I even relented to drink liquid Tylenol for Sore Throats, which BTW tastes like thick, syrup-y, minty GAAAAAKKKKK!!!! but if you can get it down, it really does help.

So I now have to ask, what do you fine folks use and recommend for colds? What actually works for you?

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You Know The World Is F****ed Up When…

….when people are getting arrested for ‘fake bio-terrorism’ with glitter. I’m not joking! The link (and the petition against this stupidity) is here:


Apparently, some folks were protesting environmental harm or something like that, and when they unrolled their poster, glitter came out of it. GLITTER. Y’know, the pretty sparkly stuff that makes kids go ‘Ahhhh!’ and what Martha Stewart uses to coat, soothe and relieve everyday items. Its easy to invoke sarcasm and say that ‘Oklahoma police uncovered a plot to make the world a prettier place by use of pretty glitter.’ and ‘Oklahoma police crack down on glitter-use in triumphant arrest! Meanwhile, people in other places die from silly things such as gas and toxins in water and air from big corporations.’


If glitter is considered a biological weapon, then we’re all DOOOMED to die horrible sparkly, lovely, pretty deaths! When I’m cremated, my urn will be full of Martha Stewart-brand glitter! AAAARRGG!

I could go on and on.

And apparently, Oklahoma is going to become a laughing stock because of this. These glitter-lovin’ protesters might get 10 freakin’ years for the use of their pretty glitters. When I read this in my take-action newsletter, that was the last straw. I jumped all over this thing like a bunny. Please sign the petition– they are nearing their quota of required signers, and you could be the last one that helps them get there fast! Take a stand against sheer stupidity! Isn’t there enough in this country already?!



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Prompt: My Number One

If you know me then you know what my response is to this one. My number one person is my sister. She’s my best friend, my co-adventurer, the Ethel to my Lucy, the Sam Winchester to my Dean, the inspiration for most of the good things I do in life, and the person I turn to for a second opinion about everything. We’ve been through it all together, taking care of our disabled and bed-ridden mother for so many, many years. She is the brave one when I turn into chicken crap, the motivational force for trying something new. I dont know what I’d do without her.

She is only 37 years old and has Rheumatoid Arthritis. You can tell by looking at her small but afflicted hands. But she is on a good medicine that has halted the disfiguration process and it has done wonders for her mobility. Unlike our poor mother who passed away just this past June, she is willing to try new things and do whatever it takes to stay a step ahead of her disease. I would give anything and everything that she didnt have to have this terrible disease, but she is thankfully doing okay with it at the present. Our mother had it, and our grandmother had it, but me being the oldest, it seems to have skipped me and settled upon my sister. Me, I got Type 1 diabetes instead. But of the 2 diseases, I’m so glad my sister didnt get the diabetes.

She is the type of person who doesn’t put much stock in material things, choosing instead to value experiences, new things and what she already has. She is exactly the type of person I wish I could be!

Devoted Sisters!


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Merry Christmas From Me and Boo Bunny

Yep, its that time of year again, when doting pet-parents celebrate the birth of our Lord by putting our fur-babies in ridiculous costumes, taking a slew of pics and posting them for others to roll their eyes at. Being a bunny-mommy, I am no exception. Now, Boo Bunny doesn’t mind too much, since its a costume he can easily wiggle out of, and he knows that he will get a nice treat when mommy gets done snapping pics, but he is not the biggest fan of this kind of ‘celebrating.’ I make sure the ‘photo shoot’ is as brief as possible. Then I give him cuddles and head pets and he starts his pleasant clicking and clucking sounds and all is right in Boo Bunny Land again.

But, here are a couple of this year’s Christmas Bunny pics. Everyone reading have a Merry Christmas, stay safe and cozy, and remember to hug a bunny whenever the opportunity presents itself. Your heart will thank you for it! :D

"No, me iz NOT a cuuutie-patootie!"

“No, me iz NOT a cuuutie-patootie!”

""Hab a vury Merry Chwistmas, no matter how ridikyoulus it is!"

“”Hab a vury Merry Chwistmas, no matter how ridikyoulus it is!”


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Daily Prompt: The Power Of Touch

Just placing a hand on someone’s shoulder can be enough to let them know you care. Animals as well as people can be soothed with such a loving gesture as a touch. Little things do mean a lot, especially when you’re hurting, when you’ve had a bad day, when you want to comfort someone without invading their privacy. Just enough to let them know you’re there, and even if things aren’t going to be alright right away, its nice to know someone cares, that you’re not alone.

And there is nothing in the world as soothing as petting a soft warm bunny! Makes the human AND the bun very happy!

"Ahhh, head pets!"

“Ahhh, head pets!”


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